To educate everyday thinkers about the ideas and tools necessary to discover truth and improve their lives and the lives of others through a rational process which is as objective, rigorous, and practical as possible.



That a world full of minds with a developed understanding of themselves, ethics, and of nature’s fundamental truths are prepared to conquer life’s obstacles through improved thinking for the benefit of humanity.




Accepting responsibility for one’s own beliefs and decisions.  Approaching ideas with skeptical, open, and critical thinking for the sake of accurate and fundamental knowledge Maintaining purpose in actions.


Showing strong regard for ethics, the consequences of actions, consistency between belief and behavior, and deliberate pursuit for truth.   


Continuously improving one’s emotional and intellectual capacities through seeking to learn new, useful, and truthful ideas or skills.


Thinking and behaving in accordance with reality.  Deriving knowledge from reasoning between facts or ideas, avoiding contradiction.


Seeking knowledge for the sake of its use.  Testing theories by the effectiveness or truth of their results rather than purely abstract arguments.

Empathy & Perspective

Understanding feelings or thoughts of others by seeking to grasp their mental or circumstantial standpoint and why they hold these.  Entertaining the possibility of other truths.


Displaying impartiality and fairness in the consideration of ideas and actions towards others.  Following rules of conduct consistently.